Richer experiences,
richer insights.

A modern solution for interactive marketing, sales enablement and sales engagement - built for today's multi-device work-life.








Create with
ease and power

Storied Studio marries ease of use with design control, the power of the web, interactive widgets, animations, and more. More than code-free, it's dead simple.


Create virtually
anything in Storied

Transform. Upload PDFs, PowerPoints or your design files, and Storied generates – with pixel-perfect placement – the design specs, assets, fonts and colors for you in the Storied Editor. Review and publish as-is or – even better – customize for mobile, add rich media and interactive widgets to amplify the experience.

Create. Design power meets ease of use. Drag, drop and edit in a visual environment with the ease of presentation software and the power of design tools.

The output. A code-free, cross-browser experience – instead of a static document or design – giving your sales and marketing efforts new super-powers.


Responsive and adaptive layouts

The right layout often depends on the use case you have in mind. For long-form web pages, responsive layouts are ideal, whereas scaling layouts – that adapt to different screens – work much better for presentations, infographics and other content where design precision needs to be maintained.

Only Storied supports both.

Animate with ease

Add animations from our extensive library with a few easy clicks and experiment with controls to get the effect just right. Tie the animation to a variety of triggering events – like the page you're scrolling here!

Add interactivity

Engage your audience – it's as easy as adding simple triggers and actions to create quizzes and other interactive experiences.

Create sophisticated, interactive content that invite the user to interact with the content for more guided story-telling.

Manage with
great flexibility

Storied combines collaboration, templating and AI to scale your output and deliver powerful sales enablement capabilities.


Get everyone one on the same page – literally

No more disparate versions, edits, and assets on different machines. Putting your high design content into a web-native format gives your team a single source of truth, allowing everyone to collaborate, share access to the same content, and more. Role-based access then lets you define who edits -- and what they can edit -- who reviews, and more.

Increase productivity. Reduce time to value. With Storied, you're now able to accelerate your workflow and scale your output to a new level.


Manage sales enablement across the enterprise

Role-based access control lets you define cross-functional teams' rights to edit and, if so, to what extent. Combined with the ability to templatize
any aspect of your content -- pages, sections, widgets -- you now have a powerful way to enable your team and reuse templates in an infinite variety of ways.

Scale with powerful templating

Templatize virtually anything – a page, some interactive behavior, or any part of a page. Mix-and-match templates for near-infinite design variety without sacrificing brand consistency or needless duplication of effort. Edit, update and/or duplicate them -- all to add more efficiency and increase time to value.

Distribute everywhere

Storied experiences can be published as stand-alone sites, ad-served, and more. Use our tag manager and updatable script tags to mediate publishing Storied experiences via your CMS -- no iFrames to slow down the experience or impact your SEO.

content management

AI-based smart tagging of assets and slides to ensure discoverability and re-use across the org.


Measure, well, everything.

With richer experiences come the opportunity to gain richer insights. Measure engagement, from time spent in more immersive content to specific user interactions with individual widgets.

1min 25sec

page 1


2min 10sec

page 2


1min 07sec

page 3


2min 19sec

page 4





page 5





page 6

Project Plan

Measure every aspect of user engagement

Storied captures key metrics relevant to sales engagement. We also go further to deliver deeper insights -- from "who" engaged with the content to "how" they engaged with it, to give you more perspective on specific user engagement.

A-B test everything

Test different approaches to optimizing engagement and continually incorporate and update your templates.

A/B test at the widget level to refine your thinking on any aspect of your content, from design to messaging.



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